Welcome to Mama Bear Wash and Fold.

I am glad you are here.The idea came to me while my husband was living in Clifton and working for Freeport while we stayed in Phoenix until we could get a company home. He would come back to his apartment after a long day and the last thing he wanted to do was find quarters and drive down the the laundromat to wash his clothes! I kept telling him “don’t worry, when we live there you wont have to worry about your laundry anymore.” I mean, lets face it! Who wants to worry about laundry?

And thus, Mama Bear Wash and Fold was started. I believe that no one should have to worry about their laundry or waste their precious time off sitting at the laundromat waiting for your things. Drop your things off with me, or I can even pick up and deliver!

Contact me today to get more time back to do the things you want.